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About Naxos

Naxos Island is the largest of the 24 islands in Cyclades Archipelago.
Endless beaches, beautiful white sand, crystal clear waters, are perfect for swimming, diving, surfing and other water activities.

Picturesque villages, old chapels, churches, monasteries, castles & towers are found in the island; the Venetian Castle of the 12th century dominates the Naxian city, also called “Chora”.

Semi-God Theseus returning from Crete where he had killed Minotaurus, with the help of Princes Ariadne, abandoned her in the temple of Apollo; the famous “Portara”, which is Naxos “trademark”.


There are certain ways to come to Naxos:

From Athens International Airport "Eleutherios Venizelos" there are several direct flights on a daily basis (flight duration: 30 minutes).

Santorini & Mykonos islands' International Airports operate and handle several flights from many European cities. From there transportation to Naxos or any other of the Cyclades islands is operated by ferries & speedboats.

From Pireaus port ferries (trip duration: 5 1/2 hours), speedboats (trip duration: 3 1/2 hours) & catamarans (trip duration: 3 1/2 hours) are operating at morning and evening hours.

From Rafina port (which is closer to Athens International Airport) speedboats & catamarans (trip duration: 3 1/2 hours) are operating on a daily basis