Our Story - NaxosEye Weddings in Naxos, Greece

Our Story

Mariangela Karlovitch & her husband George Markou met at university back in 2004. They were both attending a Swiss University, specialized in Hotel & Tourism Industry. After 4 years of studying, they obtained a Bachelor Degree in International Hospitality & Tourism Management.

George has been in the Hotel Industry for 14 years and for the last 6 years, the leading manager of a 5* hotel.

Mariangela has been handling for 11 years the operation of Medusa Resort & Suites in Naxos, a family-run business. Moreover, she is a wedding & events planner since 2011.

The couple is very fond of Naxos; they both fell in love with the island and they were spending their summer vacations there, since they remember themselves.

George also used to come to the island before meeting each other, for vacations combined with his love for fishing, diving & watersports activities.

Being together, they found out that they are both sharing the same interest and love for traveling all around the world, observing & seeking new experiences.

They were also married in Naxos Island, since they couldn't simply think of a better place!

Seeking the best for their wedding - place, location, church, decoration, catering and everything else concerning a wedding – in summer 2016, they decided to start a new business in the island, which will bear the name “NaxosEye Weddings”.

Their marriage in the island was an unforgettable experience, full of excitement, which they would like to transfer to every couple who is wishing to get married in Naxos Island or to celebrate any special event in their lives.


Why the name "Naxos Eye"?

The “Eye of Naxos” is a natural beautiful shell created by the sea & sand, and is one of the finest gifts you can offer to a friend as it is believed to bring luck and good fortune.

The Eye of Naxos is unique although there are other “Eyes” similar to it but different in shape & color, found in other parts of the world.

In Naxos island the “Eye” is famous for its loveliness, beauty and also because of bringing good energy and power to its bearer.